4 Tips To Recover From A Narcissist

recover from a narcissist

It’s Hard To Recover From A Narcissist So Make A Plan First and foremost, you are not crazy. Know that. When it comes time to recover from a narcissist, there’s confusion and shame because at some point you knew you were not being treated well. But confused and gaslighted, you didn’t know how to get […]

Top 10 Narcissist Quotes

narcissist quotes

Narcissist Quotes With Articles To Read Updated 4/24 We know that you love narcissist quotes as much as we do. In fact, these top ten quotes have been read and shared millions of times. Each one of the following quotes has an article that tells more. We’ve collected your favorite quotes in one place so […]

Growing Up In a Narcissist Family And Healing

growing up in a narcissist family

Growing Up In A Narcissist Family Requires Work To Heal Growing up in a narcissist family means you were never number one for anybody. Healing is hard. “You could have grown cold, but you grew courageous instead. You could have given up, but you kept on going. You could have seen obstacles, but you called […]

6 Narcissist Family Roles

narcissist family roles

Let’s Learn About Narcissistic Family Roles Narcissist family roles may stick with you your whole life if you don’t understand what happened. You may wonder if you’re in a narcissistic family. Do you have family secrets you can’t ever tell? Maybe you’re a people pleaser or codependent and always end up attached to people who […]

10 Signs You Might Be a Narcissist

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In today’s world, the term “narcissistic” has come to mean little more than vain. But narcissism is far more complex than that. It exists in many shades along a continuum from extra-healthy ego to pathological grandiosity. A large 2009 study estimated that 6% of people in the U.S. suffer from full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. But it’s […]

7 Kinds Of Controlling Narcissists

Narcissist controlling pawns

“Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others” — Paramhansa Yogananda “It’s not easy being superior to everyone I know.” ― Anonymous The Mayo Clinic research group defines narcissistic personality disorder as “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need […]