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Updated 8/23 We know that you love narcissist quotes as much as we do. In fact, these top ten quotes have been read and shared millions of times. Each one of the following quotes has an article that tells more. We’ve collected your favorite quotes in one place so you can read, share, and learn.

Why narcissist quotes can help you get healthy

When you read the narcissist quotes and the articles that accompany them, you can identify and relate better to toxic behavior. We’ve been hearing so much about narcissism in the last few years that more people are wondering about their relationships and the people who make them feel bad instead of good about themselves.

It’s all very well to hear the word narcissist, but how do narcissists affect you? When you see the behavior in these quotes, you become aware of what your relationships are really like with the people who don’t make you feel good. Awareness of what makes healthy, or toxic, relationships is the key to understanding. When you see all the ways you’re affected and manipulated, you can start making changes in yourself. Remember, you can’t change a narcissist. You can only change yourself to heal. You can click on the title, or on the read more to see the full artices.

Exposing a narcissist is tricky – living with one can be even trickier. They know how to blame others for their horrible acts; so be aware that the narcissist in your life has spent copious amounts of time learning about your strengths and weaknesses. Read more...

If you’ve been controlled by a narcissist, you know that heavy feeling in your gut. It can feel impossible to escape a narcissist’s control. Every day is like walking on eggshells. Even then, it seems almost impossible to get through a full day without an argument and tears. Narcissists know how to flip the blame from themselves to their victims. Read more

So, you’ve finally escaped narcissistic abuse. Now you have to accept that the abuse is not your fault. Be sure you don’t allow the trauma of narcissism trap you into having toxic thoughts. This means: Believing that you either deserved the abuse or were the cause. This is how people with narcissistic personalities or narcissistic personality disorder treat everyone around them. Read more…

Want to know how narcissists project blame? They can’t accept responsibility for anything that goes wrong. So if something isn’t working and they want control over the situation, they literally put their feelings and blame on you. So it doesn’t matter what you really think or what you’ve done, narcissists will turn whatever you say or think or do against you. Read more

Narcissists know how to turn on their charm – they especially know how to make it last. Once they know they have their victim in their grip, they drop the act. They know how to make it easy for their targets to fall “in love” with them – everything is easy, breezy, and beautiful, right? Although, it feels almost too perfect. Don’t fall for their manipulation. Read more…

Damages of a narcissist go deeper than the things you can’t do with them. Narcissists are not just selfish people. Because they don’t care about anything or anybody but themselves, their sole purpose with others is to have control and make people do whatever they want. Selfish people can be difficult, but they have a conscience. Read more…

Narcissists can be dangerous when you are a pleaser and giver and your parter or lover is a taker and hurter. Narcissists are the monster under the bed and in the bed. They are attracted to people trained to be loving and giving, but why are narcissists so dangerous? Read more…

Narcissists like to rewrite history for many different reasons – all of which are to keep themselves on their pedestal of lies. It’s hard to keep from falling straight into their fantasy world where they’re the super heroes and the people around them are either the villains or simply in distress. You’re not crazy – just keep out of their delusions. Here are a few steps to take if you’re looking to leave a narcissist. Read more

The difficult person who blows hot and cold can be more than just…well, a difficult person. Is there someone in your life who is baffling, hurtful, then nice and generous and then the cycle repeats until you think you’re going crazy? Read more...

What are their true motives? Narcissists know how to manipulate and charm their way into your life. Don’t let them. Take the Quiz

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Haley Laferney
Haley Laferney is the Graphic Designer at Reach Out Recovery and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. She is also a gold and silver ADDY award winner.

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