Narcissist Quotes: 10 Damages

Top 10 damages of a narcissist
Damages of a narcissist

Damages of a narcissist go deeper than the things you can’t do with them. Narcissists are not just selfish people. Because they don’t care about anything or anybody but themselves, their sole purpose with others is to have control and make people do whatever they want. Selfish people can be difficult, but they have a conscience. They do care about others, and sometimes they can listen and share. Narcissism is a character disorder that can affect whole families.

Do you know the difference between a selfish person and a narcissist?

Damages of a narcissist take hold slowly. Negative consequences of fighting back, make you begin hesitating to speak up. Every word is a fight. Eventually, you become so afraid of what will happen when you think or act for yourself that you can’t do anything. One damage is paralysis. The article below outlines the damaging traits of a narcissist.

An 11th thing you can’t do with a narcissist is have a conversation. Here’s what arguing with a narcissist sounds like.

How can you counter the damages of a narcissist? Start by looking at yourself and what you want for yourself and your life. Then find people and professionals who can help and support you in making changes. The narcissist in your life won’t let you go without a fight.