Narcissist Quotes: Snake Charmers

narcissist quotes Narcissist charm
Narcissist quotes Snake charmers
Narcissists Know How To Turn On The Charm

Narcissists know how to turn on their charm – they especially know how to make it last. Once they know they have their victim in their grip, they drop the act. They know how to make it easy for their targets to fall “in love” with them – everything is easy, breezy, and beautiful, right? Although, it feels almost too perfect. Don’t fall for their manipulation.

Narcissists Will Try Everything To Charm Their Targets

Narcissists don’t take “no” for an answer. You may think you know this person inside and out, but if they are a narcissist, they will have fed you lies from the early stages and on. This not only helps them form a “bond” with you, but it gives them a better advantage: They know all about you, but you don’t know anything about them. It’s important that once the victim realizes they’re dealing with a narcissist, they avoid panicking and begin to reestablish former, safe relationships.

Narcissists Also Know How To Keep You Locked In The Relationship

Once narcissists charm their targets, they drop the “act.” They know they have their victim under their thumb and they understand how to use various tactics to keep their victims in these toxic relationships. At this point, it may feel like the narcissist is steps ahead of their “partner.” It may feel as though escaping them is impossible. While it can prove to be difficult, it’s possible. Click the link below to learn how to escape a narcissist. Remember: This isn’t love. This is dangerous.

Always be safe. Find friends, or support groups, or family members to help you deal with people who hurt you. 100 Tips For Growing Up has simple tips and journaling to help you find yourself again.


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