Toxic Friendship Quotes: Bad Relationships

Bad relationships
ending bad relationships
When They’re Not Meant To Be, End Them

Bad relationships aren’t meant to be, so they’re not worth trying to mend. That’s a hard reality to accept. What are the warning signs of bad relationships and how can you break free? Those are the question you have to ask yourself and answer first. How are my friendships toxic or supportive? When you know that you have to end the bad relationships for your own survival, below are 4 tips to keep you strong.

Survival Guide to ending bad relationships

  1. Own your decision – if you know it’s time to go, don’t waver back and forth making yourself crazy. Make the decision, make a clear action plan for how to carry it out, and create a support team if you think you’ll need help.
  2. The support team – I have a friend who tells her friends to call her when they want to reach out to an ex. They do and it works. Get yourself a friend who you can text, someone with experience who can guide you, and anyone else who can help you keep strong.
  3. Do NOT make excuses for their bad behavior and forgive yourself for yours – it goes without saying that it takes two to tango. It also takes two to have a bad relationship. Now that you are moving on, it is not time to overthink anyone’s behavior. Don’t excuse your ex’s bad behavior and don’t beat yourself up over yours.
  4. Accept loneliness – it’s part of the process and the sooner you lean into it and feel your feelings the sooner it will be over. When leaving a relationship, everything can change and you can find yourself alone with a lot of time. That’s OK. Remember what you used to like to do when you were living the single life and try it again.