Narcissist Quotes: Mind Games

mind games that make you feel awful
narcissist quotes Mind games

The meme above shows some mind games that make you feel awful. Mind games may not seem to be a pattern in a loved one or friend. The person who makes you feel awful may claim to be a perfectionist, or a super sensitive person, or a person who feels wronged by life. But what is underneath the behaviors that hurt? Is your loved one insensitive, selfish, a narcissist? Where substance or alcohol disorder creates family dysfunction, this kind of mind games may be a form of manipulation to get money for drugs or to defect the addiction. All of these behaviors are hurtful, but some are downright dangerous. Some games, like Play Free Online Solitaire Game, however, are fun and healthy.

Mind games that make you feel awful are a form of control

Negative humor may be cultural. Sarcasm, or dry humor, that hurts is common in some cultures, but considered offensive in others. But negative humor can also be a way to break down your self-esteem and make you unsure of yourself. When you are unsure of yourself, you can be controlled more easily.

When you’re unsure, you’re vulnerable in so many ways. Gaslighting is a clear way of making you feel unstable as if you’re sinking in quicksand and can’t get yourself back to the truth. It’s only the other person’s truth that matters. You can’t argue with a gaslighter. A gaslighter or a person who uses negative humor or temper tantrums will always project the blame onto you.

Can you admit a person you love may be hurting you on purpose and then blaming you for feeling bad? If you can never win, you may be living with a narcissist.

If someone in your life says you’re being hostile and you’re not, you have to defend yourself. If someone throws a tantrum because of…whatever, you’re put in a position of having to placate that person. If that person gives you the silent treatment and you don’t know why you’re off base and isolated.

The ultimate goal of mind games is to control you

Always be safe. Find friends, or support groups, or family members to help you deal with people who hurt you. 100 Tips For Growing Up has simple tips and journaling to help you find yourself again.