Recovery Quotes: Positive Relationships

building positive relationships
Positive quotes Building positive relationships

Building positive relationships starts with recognizing relationship red flags. Are you in tune with what’s really going on in your relationships? Warning signs can escape you when you want a love connection or friendship to work. You may be waiting too long to accept a negative reality, hoping that your gut feelings are wrong about what’s really going on. You may have wishful thinking that the person you so want to love may change, or be different at heart. You may be really insecure about your own attractiveness. read more

Building positive relationships takes work especially for people in recovery

Building positive relationships is one of the main goals of a recovery life. Sometimes we come into recovery with dysfunctional relationships, whether with family, friends, or romantic partners. But, in recovery, we learn how to detach with love from toxic or troublesome people and connect with people who care for us and want the best. If you’re new to positive relationships and need some tips on how to build them, here are a few of my favorite tips read more

For great relationships you have have to change the way you talk to yourself

How do you talk to yourself when you want a positive relationship? Self-talk is that inner voice that often chatters to us about all types of things. Unfortunately, it is often negative. Negative self-talk impairs our ability to cope with life’s ups and downs. Buddhists refer to this inner chatting as “monkey mind” because monkeys are always chattering about something. And while most human self-talk is quiet on the outside, we may even find ourselves talking out loud. Take a minute and think about your inner and outer self-talk; is it positive, negative, or both? read more