Positive Quotes: Positive Relationships

How to have positive relationships

Building positive relationships is one of the main goals of a recovery life. Sometimes we come into recovery with dysfunctional relationships, whether with family, friends, or romantic partners. But, in recovery, we learn how to detach with love from toxic or troublesome people and connect with people who care for us and want the best. If you’re new to positive relationships and need some tips on how to build them, here are a few of my favorite tips from 100 Tips For Growing Up.

  1. Build trust – also remember that building trust takes time. Being able to trust someone is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Take the time to be honest with people about how you feel and that will help build a foundation of trust.
  2. Be respectful – if you want someone to respect you, it’s imperative that you treat them with respect too. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Be mindful of how you treat and what you say to others.
  3. Practice listening – speaking of listening, it’s critical to good relationships. When someone tells you what’s going on with them, take it in and give thoughtful responses, if they want feedback that is.
  4. Be kind – everyone is going through something in their life. Practice empathy when dealing with other people and remember phrases like, “Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary for me to say,” before speaking.