Exposing A Narcissist Is Tricky Business

Narcissist quotes exposing a narcissist
exposing a narcissist is a tricky business
Exposing A Narcissist Is Tricky Business

Exposing A Narcissist Can Backfire

Exposing a narcissist is tricky – living with one can be even trickier. They know how to blame others for their horrible acts; so be aware that the narcissist in your life has spent copious amounts of time learning about your strengths and weaknesses. Narcissists feel no guilt for what they do because they’re stuck in their land of make-believe as ruler of the universe, and rulers can do whatever they want. Narcissism is a personality disorder, and you may need an understanding of narcissist abuse and the dangers of exposing a narcissist to escape, see below.

Exposing A Narcissist: Don’t Do This

To better protect yourself against toxic people and their behaviors, it’s important to learn how to set boundaries and live by them. Covert narcissists are professionals at stepping over your lines, no matter how basic they are.

There are traits a narcissist has that are different from yours, and these traits are what hurt you and keep you under control. Have you tried exposing a narcissist? Then you know that your life can become a living hell. You may think that when you let a narcissist know you’re on to them, you can get the upper hand. Or you may think when a narcissist knows you’re onto them you can get the destructive behaviors against you to stop. But it won’t. The opposite will happen. Exposing a narcissist will unleash the furies of hell worse than anything you’ve ever seen before. So you should know the weapons in the narcissist’s playbook to plan a quiet escape. 

Before taking the steps to expose a narcissist, make sure you understand the true colors of narcissists – how they operate and the tactics they may use. Narcissists will do anything to convince you that they’re actually the victims. If you decide to expose one, be prepared for more narcissist abuse and plan your escape. Click on the link “How To Escape A Narcissist” below for safety tips to help you or a loved one find a way out.


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