New Holiday Traditions For New Sobriety

new holiday tradition

Holiday traditions may need to change if you’re in new sobriety If you’re anything like we used to be, the holidays were a time to get lit! And by lit, I mean drunk and high. It’s funny how I used to think I needed drugs and alcohol to have a good time when in reality, […]

How To Stop The Gobble Before You Pack On The Pounds

strategic holiday eating

You need a holiday eating strategy. Just think for a minute. Thanksgiving and Christmas both signal food, glorious food to us all. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t be strategic about our holiday eating. We all know the consequences of all that indulgence. Packing on the pounds. Strategic holiday eating curbs appetite and shame Just […]

5 Tips To Beat Winter Blues

winter blues adobe

Winter Blues Can Get You Down I have the winter blues, and I’m not alone. I bet you’re having some difficulty facing dead of winter for three more months. The most wonderful time of the year is over. For many people, the parties, homecoming, the gifts were all great. For others, it was a sad, […]

5 Holiday Hacks To Stay Sober

Christmas hacks for Sobriety

Your holiday hacks for sobriety this season are all about planning ahead. Yes, holidays in general are a time for joy and celebration with your loved ones. In theory… However, if you are in recovery, holiday times may trigger you in a number of different ways. Family dysfunction can cause angst, memories of drunk or […]

Thanksgiving Triggers Of Toxic Past

Thanksgiving can be a trigger

Thanksgiving triggers can cause misery every year. Here’s an example. Eight years ago, my mother-in-law and I had a huge Thanksgiving feud. She said some things, and for the first time ever, I said some things back. The argument escalated. I called her a name, and she slapped me. She no longer threatens me, but […]