Don’t worry about overspending this holiday season! This time of year isn’t about who can spend the most, right? It’s all about gratitude and giving. So, instead of emptying your wallet, here are 10 meaningful, low-priced gift ideas for your loved ones and those random secret Santas you may be participating in.

  1. 1 Photo And Frame

    If you're looking for something special for a friend, a sponsor, a relative - anyone - find a great photo of the two of you or a group with you two in it, print it out and frame it. Not only is it a great addition to their home or office, but the time, effort, and thought of the gift is extremely meaningful.

  2. 2 A Mug Or A Glass

    Is this person interested in any music, movies, or television shows? Maybe they're really into sports? Look for a mug or a glass with their favorite character or musician on it. Mugs are pretty awesome gifts, generally. Who doesn't love tea or coffee? Hot cocoa during the cold months? New mug? Yes please. By buying them a mug or glass with their favorite character or sports team on it certainly shows you care about and listen to their interests

  3. 3 Nice Socks

    Okay - hear me out. I'm not talking about tube socks or those packages of plain, boring socks. There are awesome slipper socks that can keep those toes toasty. They're usually pretty thick and plush - I'm talking about the sherpa-lined pairs. These can also come in a variety of styles, including holiday themes, sports teams, movies, television shows, and other interests.

  4. 4 A Journal

    Journals are special. Having a place to record thoughts and ideas is very important, especially in recovery. But for the holidays, why not add an extra touch of thought by including a thoughtful, inspirational note on the front page of the journal? Again, they can come in all sorts of styles from binding to cover materials to themes. There's nothing boring about a brand new, fresh journal!

  5. 5 A Framed Poster

    Whether you know this person well or they're part of your gift exchange at school/work, a poster can often be exciting to open (especially if it's already framed, or the frame is part of the gift). If you know what this person is interested in - great! If not, ask around or do some digging. This doesn't have to be a huge movie poster (framing can get a little difficult then). Don't forget - posters can come in all shapes and sizes, which can determine price points.

  6. 6 An Ornament

    There is an ornament out there for anyone. From fair trade, handmade pieces to plastic figurines at the malls, you'll be able to find something unique and thoughtful to give this holiday. Keep in mind, though, that some can get pretty pricey, so pay attention to where you're shopping, the materials, and how it was made. 

  7. 7 A Candle

    This can get a little tricky because certain candles can be a little too strong for sensitive noses. However, scented candles are a great way to warm up a home and often bring a cozy feel to any room. In comparison to oils and other diffusers, they're also safer for any pets the intended receiver may have.

  8. 8 A Nightlight

    Okay - nightlights may sounds a little childish, but how many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night for a bathroom run and fumbled around in the dark. Phone lights are okay, but can be blinding if they hit you in the eye. There are plenty of fun themes to choose from and their soft glow isn't nearly as harsh as a phone flashlight. 

  9. 9 A Scarf

    This one may not work as well if you're in a warmer climate - like Florida. But even here, the winters are gretting cooler. If you're in a cold climate, you have a great selection to choose from! Whether you want to go with a fashion scarf or something that'll keep the intended receiver nice and toasty (or a little bit of both), there are tons of stores and websites that sell good quality scarves at a decent price. 

  10. 10 A Tote Bag

    Not only are they great to have when shopping (or just heading out somewhere with full arms), but they can really reflect someone's personality! If you have a friend who's obsessed with something really out of the ordinary, there are also online printers who can make personalized totes for a decent price. So, don't worry too much if you can't find that perfect bag. However, make sure there's enough time between your order date and the latest date you need the parcel, should you choose to order one (or personalize one).

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Samantha Curreli
Samantha Curreli is a staff writer at Reach Out Recovery. Sam is also a graduate of Arcadia University's MFA in Creative Writing Program and a freelance journalist for New Jersey music magazine, The Aquarian Weekly. She has had multiple pieces of fiction published in literary magazines and short story anthologies.

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