Gifting A Gaslighter or Narcissist

gifting a narcissist

  If you’re planning on gifting a narcissist this spring, you know it’s not going to go well, right? You have this someone in your life who is toxic in a bunch of ways.  Is it your dad, your spouse, a sister or brother, a colleague you have to please? Toxic can be just so […]

People In Recovery Are Prepared For Times of Uncertainty

how to live in times of uncertainty

You might be surprised to know that people in recovery are prepared for times of uncertainty. First, recovery people are help oriented. Surprise surprise, but the most self-involved and least reliable people when they were using are now dedicated to helping others be all right in times of uncertainty. Over the last few days, I’ve […]

Why Self Love Is Healthy

why self love is healthy

Self Love Is Healthy And Necessary For A Happy Life Most of us have heard that self love is healthy.  But, what exactly does it mean? For example, you eat because you understand that you need nourishment. It is very sad that most of us are trying to conquer external battles like finding love, finding success, […]

Mental Health And The Corona Virus

mental health and the Corona Virus

Now is the time to take a step back and get perspective on your mental health Mental health and the Corona Virus put us in uncharted territory. Our daily life has been disrupted going on nine months, and we don’t know how much longer these conditions will last. For mental health, this has all felt […]

Self Care Activities for Pandemic Life

self care activities

Self care activities need to go beyond the usual mani pedi and massage. Both because many of us still can’t do those things safely, and they are not as time-consuming and soul nurturing as some of us need right now. However, many people feel paralyzed at home, often by themselves. No one really expected isolation […]

Mental Health Journal Prompt: Achievements

mental health journal prompt

Achievements are not what they used to be. No one is getting medals or free trips for a job well done. Bonuses may be a thing of the past for now. What really matters at this moment is how we’re coping. Everything you do when times are tough is an achievement. Are you cutting yourself […]