Sober Curious Mom Writes New Book

I Was A Sober Curious Mom Determined To Help My Child In Recovery Being sober curious changed my whole life when I explored ways to support my child in recovery. Lindsey has been my inspiration for more than a decade since we produced The Secret World Of Recovery. and launched Reach Out Recovery as mother/daughter […]

Can Alcohol-Free Parenting Save Your Kids

alcohol-free parenting

Alcohol-free parenting for me began when I quit drinking Alcohol-free parenting is a great choice for young parents. Here’s why. When you quit drinking, you’re not only changing your own life but also the lives of those around you. For parents, this includes their children. Kids who grow up with a parent who has a […]

Come Back For Dry January

dry january

Dry January is a movement that was growing, along with the concept of sober curious, before the Coronavirus changed everything in 2020. Sober curious bars were popping up in major cities, and zero proof drinks were growing in popularity. People in recovery and people who just didn’t want to drink alcohol were leading the way. […]