Come Back For Dry January

dry january

Dry January is a movement that was growing, along with the concept of sober curious, before the Coronavirus changed everything in 2020. Sober curious bars were popping up in major cities, and zero proof drinks were growing in popularity. People in recovery and people who just didn’t want to drink alcohol were leading the way.

In case you’re wondering, alcohol is still the king of addictions, killing more people worldwide than any other substance. The good news, however, was the growing trend leading up to 2020, to drink less. So what is Dry January exactly? It’s a challenge to quit drinking for thirty days to counter the season of excess during the holidays. For thousands of people it was an introduction to a sober lifestyle they hadn’t tried before. Dry January cut consumption, and some people even quit drinking for longer. Sober curious became a healthy sober lifestyle.

18 Months Of Pandemic Increased Alcohol Use

Alcohol use has spiraled several hundred fold during the pandemic. With people stuck at home for the most part, stress, loneliness and boredom led them to drink more than ever before…just not in bars or during social events. Drinking has also increased domestic violence and so many other kinds of family dysfunction. This year dry January is needed more than ever before.

Dry January Is Perfect For the Sober Curious

Take The Dry January Challenge And Reap The Benefits