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Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling Sites For Help This Year

Relationship Counseling can help you find the harmony you’re looking for in the New Year. If you are facing a crisis and need help, the resources for treatment can be found everywhere. However, you may find it confusing to choose from the large variety of online therapy apps available. This is especially true for relationships that are in trouble, when finding the right mode of treatment is even more urgent and challenging.

So here is a pick of the best online relationship counseling and couples therapy sites that are affordable, accessible, and flexible, as compared to face-to-face sessions with a licensed counselor.

Relationship Counseling: Couples Therapy Inc.

Couples Therapy Inc. helps couples by providing special scientific treatment through their couples therapy retreat and also through their online video sessions. Here they have all the tools required to resolve delicate issues like conflicts and broken bonds to make the couples feel closer to each other.

An in-depth assessment is first undertaken through their online assessing instrument known as The Big Book to explore the root of the problems. The target is to tackle the sticky issues effectively and head on with the assistance of a skilled doctoral level couples’ therapist.

Relationship Counseling: Talkspace

Talkspace couples therapy works by initially answering a few questions to gain an insight of the issues, then getting matched to the right unbiased therapist and finally starting the treatment to make both the partners feel better by using communication tools to restore the lost trust.

The main Talkspace advantage is that they are trusted leaders in the online therapy field for many years and can schedule live sessions with you and your partner, from anywhere in the world, with a well-qualified therapist. Additionally, their app is extremely user-friendly and provides excellent service while on the move.

Relationship Couseling: Hero

Relationship Hero, is by and large an incredibly easy and effective app that provides answers to your relationship issues straightaway. It also makes it possible to change a relationship coach till you can figure out the correct one needed to suit your coaching.

There are many relationship coaches on their site who are always ready to address your concerns. Their service is highly professional and the advice offered is excellent. Co-founded by Lior Gotesman and Liron Shapira, Relationship Hero offers professional help under the umbrella of all relationships that exist among friends, families and the professional life.

Relationship Counseling: ReGain

This is another online relationship counseling platform that is great for both individual therapy and couple counseling. Its biggest plus point is it offers unlimited messaging and 24×7 access to a counselor of your choice via desktop, phone or tablet. It is also more affordable than most other similar online platforms, and is widely considered the best couples therapy site online.

ReGain allows you and your partner to sign up on the same account and have access to the same counselor by sharing all the information between both parties. However, to make use of this feature, you and your partner will have to be in the same location. ReGain assures help with issues like infidelity, domestic violence, divorce, dating, friendships and attachment and attraction.

Relationship Counseling: OurRelationship

With dedicated programs for couples and individuals alike, OurRelationship helps partners to realize how best they can communicate with each other to discuss issues which have harmed their relationship. They also show how to regain the trust and emotional closeness which the couple may have lost in the long run.

OurRelationship programs, through videos and transcripts, have been proved to be effective for:

  • Heterosexual couples
  • Same gender couples
  • Military and Veteran Couples
  • Individuals

Developers at OurRelationship include distinguished processors in psychology and an equally efficient support staff that helps in coordinating and helping to run the research study effectively.

Relationship Counseling: BetterHelp

BetterHelp supports the theory that one of the best ways to develop a healthy relationship is by focusing on yourself first. They specialize in individual counseling to assist their clients by providing valuable insights that they can apply to resolve their relationship issues.

While relationship therapy works best when both partners participate together, there are circumstances when one partner is unwilling or unable to work together with a therapist. This is where BetterHelp excels by assisting the other partner in the relationship to seek counseling. BetterHelp does not accept health insurance but they do offer financial help based on the income of the client.

Relationship Counseling: Couples Learn

Couples Learn offers a wonderful free trial option of consultation to determine whether online therapy is right for a couple facing relationship issues. This 30-minute trail will give potential clients a sneak preview of what online relationship counseling is like and whether it should be pursued further.

Couples Learn offers three types of therapy mainly, online couples therapy, online individual therapy and online premarital counseling through video chat only. However, appointments with Couples Learn are only available on fixed hours in daytime, evening and on weekends.

Relationship Counseling: MDLive

This is a unique telehealth platform because it offers mental health care, dermatology services as well as therapy advice for couples to address their relationship issues. Moreover, MDlive accepts most major health insurances, although the actual amount charged may vary from individual to individual.

Once you sign up, you can check the profile of their licensed therapists and choose the one you think is best suited for your needs. Clients can connect through phone, video chat through MDLive’s website or through their mobile app. Users can also get access to urgent medical demands such as cold, fever and dermatologists to deal with skin issues.

Growing Self Counseling and Coaching

With locations in Arkansas, Colarado and California, Growing Self Counseling and Coaching specializes in online therapy for premarital related problems, apart from marriage counseling and couples therapy. Clients can get secure online video therapy from any place and a free consultation to find out if

Those clients seeking premarital can opt for their ‘I Do’ program or a chat with an accredited family and marriage specialist. Premarital counseling focuses on creating an agreement on issues like parenting, finance, strong bonds and any other point of conflict prior to the marriage.

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