Sober Quote: Black Sheep

black sheep quote

If you’re the black sheep you can find others just like you and get positive connection Today’s black sheep sober quote is about how we often feel like outcasts as addicts and alcoholics. Constantly feeling there is something different or wrong about you is a recipe for isolation. When we go into recovery we find […]

Sober Quote: Thankful For Another Day

Thank for a sober day quote

Thankful for another day Being thankful for another day sober quote of the day reminds us of all the trouble we got into when we were active and how LUCKY we are for every sober day. In addiction, we make decisions that land us in the hospital, in jail, or worse. Those of us who […]

Sober Quote: Happy Hour

happy hour is a nap quote

Happy hour has a new meaning when you’re sober Today’s sober quote of the day honors the nap! Naps are a wonderful thing and can help you reset your day at any time. Recovery gives us time to enjoy life and teaches us we can slow down. Have trouble sleeping? Read about sleep hygiene. Recovery […]

Quote: Don’t Worry About Them

don't worry about people not happy for you quote

Don’t worry about them Don’t worry about them reminds us that people who aren’t happy for you in your sober life don’t matter at all! For one, they are probably not happy in their life. Two, anyone who isn’t happy for you making a healthy decision for your life truly does not want what’s best […]

Sober Quote: I Prefer Myself Sober

No thanks quote

I prefer myself sober I prefer myself sober reminds us that who we are in recovery is so much better than who we were when we were drinking. Alcohol doesn’t make anyone’s life better and once we give it up, everything gets so much better. Remind yourself as much as necessary, that drunk you is […]

Sober Quote: I’m Not Broken

I'm not broken quote

I’m not broken I’m not broken is our sober quote about the beautiful process that is recovery. When we get sober, there are times when we know we are not yet who we are meant to be and that’s OK! IT takes time to recover from alcoholism. If there’s trauma or alcoholism in your family, […]