Trauma In Mental Health Treatment

trauma in mental health treatment

Trauma in Mental Health Treatment: A Vital Component for Healing In the realm of mental health treatment, acknowledging and addressing trauma is a pivotal step towards fostering healing and recovery. Trauma, whether stemming from childhood experiences, adverse life events, or ongoing societal challenges, can deeply impact an individual’s mental well-being. In the United States, where […]

How Women’s Trauma Contributes To Addiction

women's trauma

Women’s trauma poses a risk for addiction at any age; in fact women’s trauma and addiction have a strong relationship. Anyone experiencing trauma is more likely to develop poor mental health, especially conditions like PTSD, depression, or anxiety. Coping with these symptoms in an unhealthy fashion usually means self-medicating with things like drugs and alcohol, […]

Here Is How Trauma And Addiction Go Together

trauma and addiction go together

Trauma And Addiction Are Pieces In The Puzzle Trauma and addiction are inextricably linked and I’m going to explain why. The definition of trauma is a deeply disturbing or distressing experience. There are a few broad categories that easily fit this definition such as experiencing war, surviving an airplane crash, or being a victim of […]

How The Past Comes Back To Haunt Us

Man dragging anchor

Does what happened in the past stay in the past? Absolutely not. One of the most significant triggers for childhood relationship trauma are adult relationships.