5 Ways To Stay Motivated After Sober Living

stay motivated in recovery

For long term recovery success, you need to stay motivated after leaving sober housing. There’s plan for that.

Can you stay motivated after leaving sober living housing? In sober living, you’re in a safe environment, have structure, recovery support everyday, and caring staff. But what happens when you return home? Long term success and relapse prevention depend on how motivated you are and whether you continue building on the lessons learned.

But how to stay motivated when so much has changed in your life. Your job, school and relationships have been damaged by addiction, and now with some recovery under your belt, you have the opportunity for a full and successful life. But the early stages of life back home require some diligent follow through so as not to relapse or fall into old, bad habits. it’s not so easy to return to people and things that have triggered you in the past. But there are solutions that really work.

Based on input from Mark, who runs a sober living facility in New Milford CT, we have compiled these 5 tips to help you stay motivated towards a healthy life after leaving the sober house:

1. Find your support group to stay motivated with connection

Overcoming any addiction is a long and challenging process. One of the reasons people use drugs and alcohol in the first place is feeling sad and empty. In recovery, the support of family and friends can be supportive and helpful, but more is needed.

The people who have walked the same recovery path are crucial to help you stay motivated. 12 Step programs like AA, NA, Smart Recovery and online groups like Intherooms are lifesavers that can keep you connected with the recovery lifestyle that you need for long term recovery success. Meetings and connections in the fellowship with others reinforce your commitment to a way out of the addiction, and belief that life can be better again.

2. Celebrate your milestones with rewards like sober parties and chips

One great way to stay motivated is to share your achievements and reward yourself with mini celebrations every time you reach a milestone in your journey. People love winners and warriors, and you are a hero when you enter recovery. Relish your time. Even when it’s hard, remember where you were and be grateful.

When you reach a milestone, no matter how small it is, celebrate it to remind yourself that you can do it.This will keep you motivated towards your next goal and soon you’ll be achieving one goal after another. It also helps in freeing yourself from the remorse of addiction in the first place.

3. Motivational Reading

Reading inspirational or motivational books can bring a significant change in your life and help you in avoiding substance use. Everyone has a different coping mechanism; behaviors and affection might work for someone. While for someone motivational stories of people around them might work.

Reading or hearing about the life of those who have also fought addiction can help you. This is not a set tip for success but it can work with you.  

4. Structural Progress

Chaos is a hallmark of addiction and this can be countered in recovery with structure in your daily life and documenting your progress. Following a schedule might seem like a consuming task, but it helps you stay organized. Keeping a track of your achievements will give you a sense of accomplishment that will only increase your motivation and will to move forward.  

Documenting your progress helps you in having a broader view of things. You can also try journaling your thoughts and emotions. This can help you in driving motivation from yourself.

5. Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Exercise and recreational activities reduce stress and boredom. Participating in physical exercise and maintaining a proper diet can keep you healthy can restore a sense of balance in life and thus benefit you emotionally. It will improve your overall health, help you feel better, and reduce any acute withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

Not only physical exercises but also mental and spiritual exercise help. You may find yourself falling back to the depression of your old life. In such a case, you should mindfully practice to boost your positive emotions which will keep you anchored in your recent healthy life.