Welcome to the season of excess! This may be the one time of year that we see all that is available to us; the abundance of food, drink, cheer, decorations … it’s all there for us to celebrate!

Season of Excess Is Over Stimulation Of All The Senses

“Look at all the pretty lights!” emits oohs and ahhs from those gazing at the splendor of the bright bulbs and lawn displays as we meander down roads to take in the decorative skills of those who reside there. There’s carolcades, holiday parties and get-togethers, Secret Santa and gift exchanges, and plates of traditional cookies and other indulgences that are enjoyed but this one time of year… how can we say no?

Season Of Excess Forbids Moderation

No one wants to hear the everything-in-moderation talk … we want to revel in the abundance offered this time of year! So, we eat too much, drink too much, spend too much and stay out too late to squirrel away as much as we can before the season ends. It’s like a roller coaster inching toward the peak where we know what’s on the other side, but we still get caught up in the excitement of everything that’s around us right now. But, the down side can be crushing if we’re not careful.

6 Tips For Year Round Abundance

Instead of going without and then splurging and then having to do more to make up for the splurging, and then the scrimping and saving to ready for the next round of splurging – vacation, anyone? – we could resolve to see the abundance all the time. We could carry the good cheer and the feeling that there’s enough for everyone throughout the year. We could create a ripple of merriness and festivity that would reach out and envelope all who encountered it… we could do this through simple acts like:

  1. Smile Wear a cheerful expression and give a smile to every living creature you meet.
  2. Keep your word Integrity is a powerful tool and honoring your word is just as meaningful as being it.
  3. Slow down When you feel the holiday rush, take a moment to reflect on what’s important to you.
  4. Give of yourself Connect with other revelers with simple gestures that include them in a way that lets them know you value them. Maybe let the other car go ahead of you, or let the person behind you in line get in front of you.
  5. Address people by name A simple acknowledgment using someone’s name, which can be gotten from their name tag, is a wonderful way to say, “I see you” amidst the hustle and bustle of the season.
  6. Say Thank You  Gratitude is empowering; the more grateful you are, the more you create opportunities to be grateful. It’s a win-win.

As you navigate the season, remember that your simple act of kindness is creating a ripple effect in others. Thank you for spreading the love!

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Elizabeth Viszt
Elizabeth is a certified Educational Specialist and Success Coach. She has a BA, MS in biology with a concentration in ethology (animal behavior), is an EAGALA Equine Specialist in equine assisted learning and personal development, and has extensive personal leadership skills. She spent much of her career in education at the high school, college and correctional facility levels teaching biology & chemistry and acting in the capacity of a success coach. Elizabeth presents workshops and seminars which address communication issues as they manifest in personal relationships. She uses writing as both a creative and cathartic outlet, especially after losing both of her parents to cancer in 2015. She lives in upstate NY, on a farm that bears the name of her motto: Be Unreasonable! She's invested in empowering others in moving their pieces forward in the world.

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