Why Accountability Is The Key To My Recovery

accountability is the key to recovery

Accountability Is What Makes My Recovery Work Accountability is something we all should know about and incorporate into our lives. It’s doing the right thing after you may have done the wrong thing For the purpose of this article, I’m writing about sponsorship in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. I am not trying to convince […]

9 Hobbies to Consider This Summer 


Hobbies Can Change Your Life Discover A New Passion This Summer Summertime means longer days, which means you may have more time to explore hobbies and activities you love on your days off. You can also thoroughly enjoy the weather, making mundane indoor activities exciting when you bring them outside. With any extra time you […]

Do You Feel Bad About Missed Opportunities?

missed opportunities and lost time

Accepting Missed Opportunities And Lost Time Are Part Of Addiction Recovery I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve felt awful about my missed opportunities and lost time. When I was in active addiction, I missed a magical semester abroad, friends’ weddings, and so many family and friend events. I quit jobs […]

Non Alcoholic Drinks Recipes For Everyone

Non alcoholic drinks

Make At Home Syrups for Non Alcoholic Drinks Non alcoholic drinks you can create at home for all the rituals and fun you need for every meal, every treat, and every member of the family has been a passion of mine since I quit drinking 15 years ago. Did you know that it’s easy to […]

Annuities Can Pay For Long-Term Care


Using Annuities to Pay for Nursing Home Care When planning for long-term care, it is essential to consider all the options for payment available. You may have yet to consider using annuities to pay for nursing home care expenses. Annuities are a type of insurance policy with tax advantages that allow purchasers to use future […]

How Do I Not Feel So Lonely?


Feeling Lonely Will Happen In Life So Learn To Manage It Now I knew that loneliness wasn’t good for you. Still, it surprised me to learn that feeling lonely ongoing can add to cognitive decline and ultimately be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes. I’m not making that up, there’s a study that says so. We […]