What Is Yaba Methamphetamine

Yaba tablets look like candy

You may never have heard of Yaba, but it is a powerful and addictive drug often causing devastating effects to its users. A combination of methamphetamine and caffeine, Yaba is known as the “Madness Drug.” Most Yaba is produced in Myanmar, but among drugs in Thailand, Yaba has the biggest distribution. Yaba is mainly found […]

What Is Ecstasy

what is ecstasy

Ecstasy (MDMA) With Video Ecstasy is probably the most well-known club drug next to MDMA and Molly. In all actuality, they are the same thing, but MDMA is the purest form of the Molly and Ecstasy. Ecstasy is a synthetic, psychoactive drug whose effects are like methamphetamine and mescaline combined. It is both a a […]

What Are Amphetamines


What are Amphetamines A family of psychoactive drugs that stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) is referred to as amphetamines. The collective group of amphetamines includes amphetamine, levoamphetamine, dextroamphetamine, and methamphetamine. Amphetamines work by delivering a blast of energy, assurance and focus to the brain. These drugs affect the brain’s neurons and the way they […]

What Is Peyote (Mescaline)

what is peyote (mescaline)

Peyote (Mescaline) is an amphetamine and hallucinogen Many people have heard of Peyote (mescaline) but are not quite sure what it is. Peyote is a small, smooth, blue- or yellow-green, spineless cactus that is native to Mexico and the southern U.S. The plant has small extensions called “buttons” containing mescaline. Peyote buttons are used primarily […]

What Is Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum plant

Salvia Divinorum is an herb and hallucinogen like LSD Salvia Divinorum is a species of sage (the genus Salvia) which causes hallucinations when taken and is native to Mexico. Salvia is a member of a large family of plants including mint and various herbs. When ingested, salvia produces visual hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD. Some […]

Crack Cocaine Overview with video

What is crack cocaine

Crack cocaine got its name because of the crackling sound it makes when smoked. Crack cocaine emerged in California during the 1970s. Cocaine in powder form was hot on the scene, and a cheaper form of cocaine was produced by mixing cocaine with baking power soda or ammonia to provide a less expensive and more […]