Co-Dependent’s Recipe For 4 Weak Tea –

pitcher of tea

Want to stop being co-dependent? Try making tea. The people pleaser does everything for others. The other person (we all have them in our lives) likes everything done for him. How to change the equation. First gather your ingredients.


  • 1 codependent people pleaser
  • 1 person who likes everything done for him.
  • A 64 oz. pitcher
  • 3 family size tea bags
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Recovery meetings as needed

Time: 3-4 weeks depending on skill level.

Week One

Codependent says she’s making unsweetened tea. The sweet tea lover scoffs at such silliness. Who drinks unsweetened anything? Do it for me. Codependent makes pitcher of tea, but pours herself a glass of unsweet tea before adding sugar to the rest of the pitcher.

Week Two

After attending two recovery meetings, the codependent is stronger and a bit more resilient. Codependent makes pitcher of unsweet tea, and then offers the sweet tea lover the sugar bowl to add sugar to his taste. The sweet tea lover objects. Why can’t the tea just be sweetened the way I want it. Codependent waivers, and offers to make a separate pitcher of sweet tea for the sweet tea lover. Sweet tea lover declines, offended.

Week Three

After attending another recovery meeting, codependent makes pitcher of unsweet tea and shows a child in the room how to use sugar bowl to sweeten her own glass of tea. Sweet tea lover, offended, makes his own pitcher of sweet tea.

Week Four

After another recovery meeting, codependent completely ignores sweet tea lover and makes a pitcher of unsweetened tea exactly the way she likes it. Later she notices sweet tea lover enjoying a glass of tea. “Did you make yourself a pitcher of tea?” she asks.

“No. I got some sugar from the sugar bowl.”

Co-dependency is also treatable. Want to find a therapist who understands the impact of addiction? Visit Recovery Guidance to find help near you.