Mental Health Journal Prompt: Achievements

mental health journal prompt
mental health journal prompts achievments

Achievements are not what they used to be. No one is getting medals or free trips for a job well done. Bonuses may be a thing of the past for now. What really matters at this moment is how we’re coping. Everything you do when times are tough is an achievement. Are you cutting yourself some slack and even better, giving yourself credit for carrying on? Here’s a way to give yourself an emotional pat on the back and relieve stress at the same time.

Journal your achievements

How journaling works to reassure you that all will work out. Journaling is an exercise for the mind. It keeps you grounded, and listing your achievements in the Pandemic keeps you focused on the positive just when you need it the most. Take a few minutes in the morning or evening to think about all the things you’re doing either for yourself or for others. Service to others is an achievement. Self-care of any kind is also an achievement, and journaling is a great kind of self-care for Covid 19.

What mental health struggles are you coping with right now?

We don’t even have to ask if you are having mental health struggles in the middle of a health epidemic. You are struggling with so many things, and here are just a few. If you are working from home, you are isolated from your colleagues and coworkers. You may not be as productive as you were in your workplace. Let’s face it, it gets old not sharing the coffee or lunches with people. Also, you may be working harder (because of little people at home) and getting less done. Worse, you may not be working for pay at all.

What achievements count right now

When you are listing your achievements, you can start with making your bed. Did you make your bed today? Have you had enough sleep? These are real achievements. You can read 100 Tips For Growing Up or visit the author’s website. a self-help book that’s easy to use, has journaling in it and really works. Enjoy.