Quiz: How Well Are You Adulting In Covid

How well are you adulting right now in covid? We wish it was over and life could return to “normal,” but the pandemic isn’t over. Covid is still with us, so adulting may still be challenging. Adulting is similar to recovery. Have you ever been told to just “grow up?” Have you ever felt totally lost doing something your peers seem to be experts in? There’s so much out there to learn!

Adulting in covid is just like adulting in recovery. With a few more tasks.

If you’re not adulting as well as you could be, check out, Lindsey Glass’s new book 100 Tips For Growing Up – My 20 Years Of Recovery. We bet there’s something here that you aren’t even sure of. Take the quiz to see how well you’re adulting in Covid, and in recovery, too. And remember to wear a mask and wash your hands to protect yourself and others.