Did you know that recovery is more than just AA and 12 Steps? Well, listen up!

  1. 1 True or False: If you relapse, the time you spent sober doesn’t count or mean anything

    1. False
    2. True


    Any time spent sober is a major deal! If you or someone you know relasped, that one decision doesn't erase the time spent growing and learning. You are never starting from zero when you return to a recovery program.

  2. 2 How long does it take to break a habit

    1. Two years
    2. A week
    3. Three weeks
    4. A month

    It takes one month to break a habit

    Experts say it takes 30 days to break a habit. With recovery from addiction, however, it takes much longer for the brain to heal and breaking that using habit requires years of work. If you guessed two years, you would not be wrong.

  3. 3 If you feel bored in recovery you should

    1. Think about how the benefits of better physical and mental health
    2. Connect with others instead of isolating and dreaming of the fun you had when using
    3. Talk to a trusted friend or relative to help you stay on track
    4. All

    You should talk to someone you trust to help stay on track

    This is why people are told to create a support team when beginning their recovery. They not only will be around for your meetings, but they'll also be rooting for you to maintain that sobriety.

  4. 4 Of the following which is NOT a way to stay focused in recovery

    1. Celebrating the milestones
    2. Avoiding meetings because you feel like you don’t need them anymore
    3. Learning how to channel negative energy to positive energy
    4. Keeping in touch with your support systems

    Make sure you keep up with your meetings

    Always go to your meetings. You may feel like you don't need them anymore at one point or another, but they're great to keep you on the right path. 

  5. 5 True or False: As long as you take it one day at a time, you don’t need a solid plan

    1. True
    2. False


    You always need a direction. Whether you're working on an email, a story, piece of art, or recipe, there should be a plan already in motion. In recovery, make sure you stick to that plan.

Quiz: Test Your Recovery Knowledge

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    Whether you’re new to recovery or looking to learn a thing or two for a loved one, it’s time to start studying up!  

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    You’re on the right track, but still need to learn a few things about recovery and what it takes to stay focused.  

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    Congrats! You got all of the answers right. Keep up the good work—whether you’re working on yourself or reading up on recovery and addiction for a loved one, you surely know a thing or two about addiction and the recovery journey. Here are some more articles to help you maintain your knowledge.

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