Relationship Journal Prompt: Younger Ideals

Relationship journal prompt
Younger ideals

Younger ideals journal prompt

Younger ideals journal prompt gets you thinking and writing about who you were and how you changed. We’re looking at relationships with this series of journal prompts. How’s yours? Are there ways it could be better? Are there ways you could be better? Are your expectations realistic? Take a few minutes to stop and reflect on this important area of your life. In this question, we’re asking you to think about what your relationship ideal was when you were younger and how that’s changed with age and experience.

Why Journal?

Journaling is a wonderful activity to get your feelings out and on the page. Take five minutes out of your day to answer our questions and see what comes up for you.

This is what the research says about journaling

“There is a ton of evidence out there on the outcomes of journal writing therapy, and overall this evidence points to its effectiveness in helping people identify and accept their emotions, manage their stress, and ease the symptoms of mental illness.”

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