Sober Quote: You Can Survive Recovery

survive recovery
Sobriety quote: You can survive recovery

Can you survive recovery? Of course, you can. Just take one step at a time, one tiny step. And we have some great tips and tools for you. Your first steps in recovery may be a little wobbly and scary, but you do know how to walk already. It’s okay if you’re a toddler in recovery. We all start in the same place. We all have the same challenges, and 23 million people are in some form of recovery right now. If we can do it, so can you.

Now, even if you’re tired of trying, all you have to do is just keep moving forward, and you will survive recovery. Here are some positivity posters for your wall to keep your spirits lifted.

How to survive recovery and thrive

Recovery is not a plunge into the abyss. Instead, it’s learning a new language. Here is a 12 Step Workbook to soothe your anxiety and keep you busy learning recovery steps in an easy way. You have a whole new menu of life choices to explore. You can start your sobriety journal your thoughts and begin sharing your story, you’ll find you’re not alone.

Check out 100 Tips for Growing Up, and get the book here. ROR makes recovering fun.

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