Anxiety Journal Prompt: Scale Of Worry

Anxiety journal prompt

What is your scale of worry today? Take a minute to examine your worry meter. It’s like your emotional blood pressure. You can ramp it up or calm it down. Journal prompts help you to focus for a few minutes and then let go. Did you know that if you voice (write, tell someone, or […]

Anxiety Journal Prompt: Journal A Letter

anxiety journal prompt

Why is it useful to journal a letter to someone who makes you anxious or angry? Journaling is the second most calming thing you can do. The first, of course, is exercise. You didn’t think we’d say have a drink, did you? Exercise works by releasing endorphins that make you feel good. It also makes […]

Anxiety Journal Prompt: Calming List

Anxiety journal prompt calming list

This journal prompt calming list is just what you need to start or end your day Why do you need a calming list? That’s not a real question. We all feel anxious at morning, at night and many times in between. Creating your calming list s a perfect way to stop those triggers when they […]

Anxiety Journal Prompt: Feeling Anxious

anxiety journal prompt

Anxiety Journal Prompt calms your stress Anxiety journal prompt is a new interactive category for us. Build your own workbook and see the progress you will make. We’ll be adding a variety of journal prompts over the coming weeks, so you can create your own diary of thoughts, feelings, and solutions. We’re a family of […]