4 Ways To Stop Codependency


Codependency Warning Signs Can Help You From Relapsing Before I knew what codependency was, I was codependent with everyone. I couldn’t say no when people asked me to do things, I felt bad if someone else felt bad, I was constantly in a cycle of being manipulated and feeling resentful. In recovery, I learned that […]

Am I Enabling When I Help

Am I enabling

“Am I enabling?” is a question people often ask when dealing with loved ones struggling with addiction or recovery. What is enabling? We want to help and support and encourage but often we promote the very behaviors we want to end. People have many excuses for enabling, so it’s a really good question to ask […]

Homeschooling Parents Need Self-Care

Homeschooling Parents Need Self-Care

Why do homeschooling parents need self-care? Because life was hard enough being a parent with school and help. Now, with homeschooling and many working from home, life is simply non-stop. Also, many are lacking the crucial support they need from school, home help, jobs or anything else that’s been disrupted by Covid-19. But, it can […]

Detachment Can Lead To Hope

Mom with teen son

Did you know that letting go can open the door to hope? Detachment redefines hope when you can accept what is and move on. My story stars with a hope that couldn’t be fulfilled. I hoped for a large loving family with happy gatherings and swarms of adoring children, nieces, and nephews. Basically, picture the […]

Why Family Members Also Need Recovery

Family arguing

A client once told me, “Alcoholism is a fire that has raged through my family for generations. We’ve all been burned. We all carry its scars.”

Is Recovery An Asset Or A Liability


A few weeks ago, I met a new friend at church. We chatted about how old our kids are and where they go to school, the usual new friend fodder. Then she asked me why we decided to go to our church. It’s a typical question, and I could have said: location, killer band, free […]