Homeschooling Parents Need Self-Care

Homeschooling Parents Need Self-Care

Why do homeschooling parents need self-care?

Because life was hard enough being a parent with school and help. Now, with homeschooling and many working from home, life is simply non-stop. Also, many are lacking the crucial support they need from school, home help, jobs or anything else that’s been disrupted by Covid-19. But, it can be done and remember, it’s progress, not perfection when it comes to parenting. For God’s sake please know, that homeschooling parents need self-care!

Step One: Scheduling

Scheduling is everything. Homeschooling is a grind. Working from home AND homeschooling requires superhuman skills. Try using an online scheduler or creating your own on a white or blackboard to write out daily schedules. This will help everyone know where they are supposed to be when. Guess what? You should schedule self-care activities into your day, even if it’s just a few minutes here and there.

Step Two: Delegate

Is there a co-parent, relative, or child old enough to help? Ask! Bring in someone who can help supervise, help with chores, help with cooking, help with work, or anything else you need help with. Even if there’s no family around, a lot of people are out of work. Maybe there is someone in your life you TRUST who can be in the home sometimes to give you the support you need.

Step Three: Quiet Time

Everyone needs quiet time–children and parents. Make sure to schedule quiet time into every day. More than once if necessary. Whether it’s for schoolwork, rest, entertainment, or whatever else works for you and your family.

Step Four: Set Goals

Perhaps there are some goals that would help everyone in the house get through the day easier. From learning goals to exercise goals to cooking goals, what can you set for yourself and your family that will help guide the way? It’s really hard to keep psyching yourself up every day in pandemic life so find things to work towards so you don’t lose vision. Your life matters and your kids lives matters so find ways to thrive through this.