Top 10 Boundary Quotes

Boundary quotes

Our top 10 boundary quotes are a great reminder that you don’t have to do everything everyone else wants you to do. If you are a people pleaser, do you know what it means? What are the people pleasing pitfalls you fall into? Are you codependent? That means you value other peoples needs and wants […]

Sober Quote : True Friends

True friends

True friends can be the ones you don’t have the most fun with. Do you think people you drink and have fun with are your best friends? This quote is so real because having fun drinking with people is convenient, not real friendship. It’s all about the drinking. True friends do other things with you […]

Toxic Relationship Quotes: Signs To Know

Signs you're in a toxic relationship

To many, it can be hard to tell when you’re in a toxic relationship. After years of dealing with the abuse, or letting little red flags go until it seems like it’s “too late,” these signs may not pop as much as they would for others. This can be dangerous – while these signs aren’t […]

Family Quotes: Dysfunctional Family Signs

signs of a dysfunctional family

Signs of a dysfunctional family may be clear to everyone, or they may be so subtle you’d never guess from the outside that members are hurting. Lovely quiet voices can actually hide menace and threats. If you have to suppress your feelings, you’re not in a happy family. And worse, you may feel it’s your […]

Relationship Quotes: Boundary or Grudge

relationship quotes Boundary or Grudge

Blamed for grudge holding when you’re really holding a line? Boundary or grudge, what’s the difference? The difference depends on your relationship and personality. Are you a codependent who can’t get your point across to someone trying to dominate you? Or are you really a grudge holder yourself? If you hold a grudge about everything […]