Our top 10 boundary quotes are a great reminder that you don’t have to do everything everyone else wants you to do. If you are a people pleaser, do you know what it means? What are the people pleasing pitfalls you fall into? Are you codependent? That means you value other peoples needs and wants and feelings over your own. What are the symptoms of codependency?

Boundaries are all about learning where you stop and others begin. No matter how close you are to loved ones, friends, and family members, you are never one person. You’re two people or more. If your caring for others takes too much out of you or makes you feel bad, then boundaries are needed. Here’s where boundary quotes come in handy.

Do you take family calls at dinner? Are you willing to drop everything to help a loved one, no matter how inconvenient? You may be an enabler. When you change the rules, you will get pushback. You don’t have to worry about what others think. Read More

Boundaries allow friends and loved ones the space to be themselves. That means they won’t tolerate being tromped on, manipulated, hurt financially or in other ways. How do you develop the boundaries you need for healthy relationships? Read More…

When you share your feelings and your legitimate feelings make another person defensive, you are not being blamed for holding a grudge. The difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships is the way the other person makes you feel. Toxic people, narcissists and passive aggressive people know they are hurtful. The problem is, when you say it out loud and try to stop them, they will fight back with everything they have. Wondering how to escape a narcissist, the answer is be very careful. And find the way to learning about and empowering yourself. Read More…

Many of us are empaths or people pleasers. We may be taught that our needs are not important. Often that is the case with daughters, but it also happens to boys in families with substance or alcohol disorder. People pleasing is not a character disorder or anything to be ashamed of. On the positive and healthy side, we simply care and feel deeply for other people, especially those we love. Caring and having empathy are good qualities. People pleasers are nice, but sometimes being nice goes too far and we lose who we really are and what we want. Read More…

In relationships, it’s important to lay out your comfort zones. Communication is key in any sort of relationship – romantic or platonic. You know how far you can go before you’re uncomfortable with certain activities, actions, and games. So, make sure the new, seemingly trusted people in your life understand them. Read More…

How can we define ourselves and communicate better

With healthy boundaries, we know where we begin and end and where another person begins and ends. With our boundaries, yes means yes and no means no. If we violate our boundaries, we feel it in a negative sense, such as being overwhelmed, angry, resentful, and distraught. When we set healthy boundaries we also feel it but in a positive way such as feeling strong, competent, and perhaps even pleased and happy. Read More…

This is one of our favorite boundary quotes because so often we get caught up in worrying and obsessing over how people can do what they do to us. But really they’re not doing it to us, are they. People in our world do what they do. That’s them. It’s doesn’t matter why or what they are doing, it only matters how we handle it. Read More

Boundary quotes that teaches us when to say when

Many of us have probably fallen into this routine: You help one person, give them as much as you can, and before you can regroup and focus on helping yourself, you’ve fallen back into helping another person. This cycle continues until you feel completely drained, harried, and stressed. Don’t forget to put your foot down when you know you need some time to care for yourself. Read More…

If someone if your life is making you feel bad, look at how they treat you to decide if this is someone who needs boundaries. Do they regularly make you feel uncomfortable or bad about yourself? Do they spread negativity and hate? Do they ask you to do things you don’t want to do? All of these issues can be prevented, or managed, with new guidelines for the relationship. Read More…

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Haley Laferney
Haley Laferney is the Graphic Designer at Reach Out Recovery and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. She is also a gold and silver ADDY award winner.

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