Boundary Quotes: Boundaries Show Respect

want respect make boundaries
what respect, make boundaries
Want Respect? Make Boundaries.

If you want respect, make those boundaries count. Boundaries help keep others from walking all over you like a doormat. Without them, others feel that they can get away with pushing you around – those limits you have? They don’t know about them. Voice your limits and solidify them. No means no.

Respect And Boundaries Go Hand-in-hand

In relationships, it’s important to layout your comfort zones. Communication is key in any sort of relationship – romantic or platonic. You know how far you can go before you’re uncomfortable with certain activities, actions, and games. So, make sure the new, seemingly trusted people in your life understand them.

Boundaries Help In Work And School

There’s a good chance that you have a responsibility each day that involves working with other people. Without sticking up for yourself, or voicing your discomfort, needs, or opinions, people find it’s easy to push your limits. There’s only so much you’re willing to do – or can possibly do in an allotted about of time. Speak up and try to break out of that passive mindset.

Boundaries Aren’t Selfish Acts

People who knowingly push your boundaries are performing selfish acts. If you have established boundaries with them, remind them again of your limits and stand your ground. While it’s important to step out of your comfort zone, it’s important to do it when you’re ready. Not when someone else demands it.

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