Recovery Quotes: Your Best Recovery Buddy

your best recovery buddy
Your best recovery buddy
A dog will love you more than you love yourself

Your best recovery buddy may well be a canine. Except when your dog runs away to roll in something truly gross or chases rabbits when you want other ideas, your dog is your best recovery friend. How does your dog, cat, canary help with recovery from whatever ails you?

Dogs help build responsibility in recovery

We’ve seen people at the end stage of their addiction disease (Substance Use Disorder) finally agree to treatment because they can’t take care of their dogs, cats, or birds anymore. Substance use has made them too sick to cope. But the love of their animals saved them when all the arguments pleading and threats from family couldn’t. We’ve seen people who have been saved by the desire to be better parents to children, too. But animals take a special place in the recovery hero department. Animals can make you a better person.

Why does a pet make a great recovery buddy

Children, parents, siblings, lovers can be disappointed by your behaviors. They can show their disappointment. Animals never will. Dogs will love you when you don’t love yourself, and for that reason, dogs provide support when you’re hurting, when you need to be distracted when you need to learn responsibility.

kinkajou recovery rescue
Kinkajou recovery rescue