3 Ways To Restore Relationships In Recovery

restore relationships in recovery

How did do you restore relationships in recovery? Boy, that was a question that stumped me and my daughter for years. People’s behaviors change when family members are using, and our relationship was destroyed almost beyond repair. Lindsey thought I was a terribly controlling and mean mother. I thought she was controlling and even meaner. […]

These Are 16 Symptoms Of Codependency

symptoms of codependency

What Are The 16 Symptoms Of Codependency How many symptoms of codependency do you have to have to qualify? Do you expend all of your energy in meeting your partner’s needs? Do you feel trapped in your relationship? Are you the one that is constantly making sacrifices in your relationship? Then you may be in […]

5 Tips For Living With A Control Freak

living with a control freak

Is there a control freak in your life? You may be living with someone who corrects your grammar. Maybe they refuse to admit they are wrong or always have the last word in an argument. Are they notorious for their road rage? You are probably living with a control freak. What Is A Control Freak […]

Tips To Implement Healthy Boundaries

Do You Want Your Relationships To Change For The Better? Boundaries will help you get there! Seriously, adding healthy boundaries to your relationships will make your life so much better and calmer. You see, sometimes we get into unhealthy patterns with the people in our family, friends, or even coworkers. Often what starts as good […]

Do You Know The Sneaky Ways Abusive Behavior Controls You?

abusive relationship

If You Think There May Be Abusive Behavior In Your Home It’s Time To Learn The Facts Sometimes, you might experience a whirlwind of emotions with your partner. They shower you with affection one minute and explode in rage the next. It’s like standing on shifting sands, and it can be incredibly confusing. On one […]

4 Tips To Recover From A Narcissist

recover from a narcissist

It’s Hard To Recover From A Narcissist So Make A Plan First and foremost, you are not crazy. Know that. When it comes time to recover from a narcissist, there’s confusion and shame because at some point you knew you were not being treated well. But confused and gaslighted, you didn’t know how to get […]