5 Ways To Feel Better When Social Distancing

how to feel better when social distancing

Day one of social distancing: You feel fine – almost appreciate the time spent indoors. The weather still isn’t that great, you can binge-watch your favorite shows, catch up on sleep. It’s great, right? For a lot of us, day one was a much-needed social recharge. Day five of social distancing: While we would have […]

5 Activities For Kids (And Adults) During Isolation

5 Activities For Kids (And Adults) During Isolation

When home from work and school for so long, it can be tough to come up with activities for kids. Their energy seems endless – and if you are working from home, it can become difficult to keep a peaceful balance between work and playtime. What can you do to keep your children occupied and […]

Coach’s Corner: On Coronavirus

coach's corner on coronavirus

With so many public events being cancelled and businesses shutting down, you probably have a lot more time on your hands. You can make it a positive experience. You can use the time to restore your body, mind and soul. Coach’s Corner on Coronavirus and Self-Isolation: Three Mental Health Tips As the coronavirus spreads through […]

Stuck At Home? It’s Time To Declutter!

Stuck at home? Why not declutter

With the Coronavirus in our midst, most of us have found ourselves with a little (a lot) more free time. That means it’s time to declutter. I know. Not the most exciting chore. But necessary to avoid progressing to hoarding. That pile of opened mail on the table needs to be sorted. The laundry has […]