Sobriety Quote: Staying Clean

staying clean sobriety quote

If staying clean is hard for your right now, you aren’t alone. Sobriety has been the biggest challenge for millions of people during the deadly pandemic of Covid 19 and the political disruption we are experiencing now. And to top it all off, a mob tried to take over the Capitol and hurt lawmakers just […]

Sobriety Journal Prompt: Your Recovery Enabler

recovery enabler

A recovery enabler helps you stay positive about your sobriety Who is the person who keeps you going when sometimes you want a break, or you feel temped to let go altogether? Enabling is not a good thing when it comes to your drug of choice, but it’s an essential component for achieving long-term recovery. […]

Sobriety Journal Prompt: Lean On

sobriety journal prompt what I lean on

Sobriety Journal Prompt: Lean On Good day! Today’s sobriety journal prompt is about who, or what, you lean on when you struggle with addiction. When you take a test, you want to prepare, right? Well, having a successful sobriety and recovery takes preparation too. Getting sober and staying sober is not easy, but it can […]