Sobriety Journal Prompt: Your Recovery Enabler

recovery enabler
 recovery enabler

A recovery enabler helps you stay positive about your sobriety

Who is the person who keeps you going when sometimes you want a break, or you feel temped to let go altogether? Enabling is not a good thing when it comes to your drug of choice, but it’s an essential component for achieving long-term recovery.

Where can you find the support you need

We all need support when it comes to recovery. There are plenty of places to find that support. One way to find support is a therapist, either online or face-to-face. Another is joining a recovery community or 12-step group.

Do you have a core group of recover enablers as you once has addiction enablers? Journal who they are and remember that a recovery enabler is someone, or many people who respect your sobriety and help you stay safe. It can be a family member, a sponsor, a boss, or any other person who loves you and wants to see you succeed. Recovery enabling helps you feel good about the steps you’re taking to recover your life!

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