Sobriety quote: The reason I don’t drink

sobriety quote

The reason I don’t drink The reason I don’t drink sobriety quote gives one of the best reasons we know of why we don’t drink–we want to remember our good nights! So many nights were lost in drinking to blackouts, or whatever… In sobriety, we get to have authentic experiences where we know how we […]

Sobriety Quote: If You Are Persistent

sobriety quote

If you are persistent you can have long term success at anything If you are persistent isn’t only about recovery. Today’s sobriety quote is reminds us how important it is to be both persistent and consistent in recovery. If you keep at sobriety even when it’s hard, that persistence will pay off down the road. […]

Sobriety Quote: It’s Not A One Time Choice

sobriety quote

Not a one time choice, sobriety is renewable every day Not a one time choice which would be so easy. One and done is not how sobriety and recovery work. You have to work it every day. Just like mindfulness, eating and being kind, you have to make choices that move your recovery forward. Today’s […]

Sobriety Quote: Choose One Of Two Pains

choosing pains quote

Choose one of two pains One of two pains is really calling discipline and persistence a challenge. Challenges don’t have to be a pain. Today’s sobriety quote is about how every day in recovery we get the choice to remain disciplined, which is not always easy, or to deal with the pain of regret we […]

Sobriety Quote: Share Your Story

tell your story quote

Why is it important to share your story Help lift the stigma of mental health and addiction issues. Today’s sobriety quote tells us that in recovery, it’s important that we share our stories with others. It will make you feel better and less alone and it will inspire others. Now, it’s important to know your […]

Sober Quote: Living For Today

Living for today makes makes everyday a possibility Living for today quote is about how in sobriety, our main goal is to learn to live in the present. Obsessing about the past is a useless thing to do, and worrying about the future is waste of time. Our goal is to live well in the […]