Self Love Quotes: The Key To Mental Health

the key to mental health is self love
The key to mental health may surprise you
Self-love will heal you

The key to mental health is now associated with a confusing term, self-love. What on earth is self-love? Does the term self love freak you out? A lot of us have trouble with the idea of loving ourselves.

The key to mental health is respect for ourselves

Self-love is like self-esteem. It may be the very opposite of what we were taught as children. Many of us were not shown a lot of love, and we now feel inside the way we were treated as children. What does it mean to love yourself? Doesn’t it sound selfish? Doesn’t it sound, well, almost narcissistic?

7 traits of a narcissist
With a narcissistic, it’s all about them

Self love doesn’t mean it’s all about you, though

What it really means is that you feel you’re enough, you’re lovable, you’re a good and worthy person. That is the key to mental health. If we can care for and about ourselves, we can succeed in all our goals. We all have so much negative programming, especially in families where there is substance or alcohol use. Our destructive conditioning can deprive us of the self-esteem we need to succeed, reach our goals and have great relationships.

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