We can’t wait to get back to normal! While we’re still working on getting fully vaccinated, it’s fun to dream about the activities we can try once we’re protected. Take the quiz below to find out what you should do based on your answers below!

  1. 1 One thing you're dreading after getting your vaccine is:

    what will you do first image
    1. Having to actually put on pants.
    2. Trying to figure out who to meet up with first.
    3. Returning to normal - it's been so long!
    4. Nothing, really. I can't wait to get back to normal!
    5. The fact that I can't clean my home as much!
  2. 2 During the pandemic you meant to ______ but didn't stick to that plan.

    quiz what will you do first image
    1. Make an effort to wear jeans while working from home to "feel more professional."
    2. Video chat with so many more people.
    3. Try new, exciting recipes.
    4. Develop an at-home workout routine (and stick to it).
    5. Go through all those old clothes taking up room in the closet.
  3. 3 What did you look forward to most each morning during quarantine?

    what will you do first quiz image
    1. Reading that book you've been meaning to/watching that show you've been eyeing.
    2. Zoom calls with your friends, family and sponsor and journaling.
    3. Watching cooking or baking shows.
    4. That first sip of tea or coffee in the morning.
    5. Binge-watching HGTV!
  4. 4 When looking for a TV show, you tend to look for something...

    quiz what will you do first
    1. Spooky (Ghost Adventures, Supernatural, etc.)
    2. Funny and light-hearted.
    3. To expand your knowledge of different cultures.
    4. Adventurous (Life Below Zero, Survivor Man, etc.)
    5. Creative and fun (Love It Or List It, Home Town, etc.)
  5. 5 You consider yourself an...

    what will you do first quiz
    1. Introvert.
    2. Extrovert.
    3. Ambivert.
    4. I don't know.
    5. All of the above?
  6. 6 During lockdown, you...

    what will you do first quiz
    1. Forgot where you put your "good" clothes.
    2. Perfected several kinds of smoothies to recreate when you can have larger gatherings again.
    3. Went through your kitchen and discarded all of the expired food hiding in the back cabinets.
    4. Surfed the web and found the best gear and shoes for hiking, running and walking. Now, you can't wait to put them to the test while out with your loved ones!
    5. Discovered Pinterest and have at least one board dedicated to your favorite aesthetics to use when you finally decide to redecorate.

Quiz: What Will You Do First

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  1. Quiz result

    Actually Leave My House

    what to do first quiz image

    It's been a while. We know. Some of us have spent so much time at home, our couch cushions have taken on the perfect form of our behinds. And pants? What are those? We can't wait to pull on some jeans and visit society. Or can we?

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  2. Quiz result

    Meet Up With Sober Friends In Person!

    Quiz image what to do first

    It's been too long! Sure, video chats worked fine, but we can't wait to meet up with our friends and family in person. Hello, lunch dates and shopping trips!

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  3. Quiz result

    Take Your Time At The Store

    what will you do first image

    Maybe you've been making quick trips to the grocery store, few and far between, of course. But once you're vaccinated, why not take some time to peruse the lanes and find something new to add to your personal menu? Don't worry so much about sticking to your list and rushing out to avoid lingering germs. Find some new, healthy recipesto try out and have fun looking for ingredients!

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  4. Quiz result

    Explore Nature

    quiz what will you do first image

    During lockdown, you may not have had much of an opportunity to get outside and visit the parks, beaches or hiking trails. Once vaccinated, take some time to head outside and soak up some sun (just remember the sunscreen!). 

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  5. Quiz result

    Decorate Your Space

    what will you do first quiz image

    This has been one heck of a year and since so many of us have been stuck in our homes, our spaces are starting to feel a little stale. Hop on Pinterest, look at some catalogs, and get creative with your home!

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Samantha Curreli
Samantha Curreli is a staff writer at Reach Out Recovery. Sam is also a graduate of Arcadia University's MFA in Creative Writing Program and a freelance journalist for New Jersey music magazine, The Aquarian Weekly. She has had multiple pieces of fiction published in literary magazines and short story anthologies.

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