12 Step Fellowships

12 step fellowships

What Are 12 Step Fellowships

The Twelve Steps, originated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is a spiritual foundation for personal recovery from the effects of alcoholism, both for the person using alcohol as well as their friends and family in Al-Anon Family Groups. 12 step fellowships are also used in recovery programs for addictions other than alcohol and many of them are listed below.

Many members of 12-step fellowship recovery programs have found that these steps were not merely a way to overcome addiction, but they became a guide toward a new way of life. Many people are confused about addiction, which is now called substance, alcohol, and behavior disorders. Myths and outdated beliefs are that addiction can be controlled by willpower. That is not the case because addiction is a disease of brain reward, which has both physical and psychological components. Addiction is not curable but can be managed like any chronic, progressive physical disease. Some people require medication and 12 step programs and various kinds of therapy to manage the disease. Most treatment programs are based on learning and practicing the 12 steps. See our Find Your True Colors In 12 Steps workbook for a fun way to learn recovery literacy.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The world’s leading 12-step fellowship, designed to help people overcome drinking problems.


Cocaine Anonymous

A program to help people recover from cocaine addiction.


Co-Dependents Anonymous

A program that helps people with codependency problems to learn to form healthier relationships.


Crystal Meth Anonymous

A program to help people recover from crystal meth addiction.


Debtors Anonymous

A program to help people recover from compulsive spending and debt problems.


Dual Recovery Anonymous

An organization for people with a dual diagnosis of chemical dependence and an emotional or psychiatric illness.


Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

A program for people who suffer from overeating, under eating, bulimia, or obsession with food or body size.


Gamblers Anonymous

A program to help people recover from addiction to gambling.


Marijuana Anonymous

A program to help people recover from marijuana addiction.


Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

An international association of recovering drug addicts.


Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous (NAIGSO-AA)

A 12 step fellowship aimed specifically at Native American Indians. The service also offers an inmate correspondence program that connects with Native American alcoholics who are incarcerated.


Nicotine Anonymous

A program offering support to people trying to quit smoking.


Overeaters Anonymous

A program helping people to overcome the problem of compulsive overeating.


Sexaholics Anonymous

A program helping people to achieve sexual sobriety.


Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

A program helping people with sex and love addictions.


Shopaholics Anonymous

A program helping people with compulsive shopping addictions.


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