5 Ways Cycling Provides Stress Relief

cycling provides stress relief

Cycling provides stress relief to lift your mood and improve your health. Have you considered it? Have you dreamed about gentle exercise anyone can do? If you’re struggling to return to life right now, cycling may be a great choice of activity for you. Let’s face it. After 18 months of pandemic trauma, we all need something new and different to reduce our anxiety and feel better. Or an old pleasure that we can return to.

If you’ve been tempted by cycling, this is the moment to go for it. Here’s why. Cycling is a lifestyle choice that checks all the boxes for improved mental and physical wellness. Of course, any physical activity can produce improved well-being; but many people do not like exercising in a gym, can’t afford a trainer, or organized activities that can be expensive. Psychologists say pandemic post traumatic stress will be with us for years. If you’re seriously depressed, first seek professional help from a psychologist or counselor.

Cycling begins with a bicycle

Bicycles come in all prices, shapes, and forms. They have delighted people of all ages for hundreds of years. These days, you can spend thousands on a racing bike with many speeds and all the equipment that goes with it. We know some enthusiasts who get on the road with a team and go for miles in a pack. But that’s not the average cycler. We know grandmas who ride three-wheeled bikes around their neighborhoods, toddlers with their first tricycles, kids who ride dirt bikes, and everything in between. If you have a bike in storage or in your garage, get it out now. If you need a new bike, well, there are literally thousands to choose from. And now there are even insurance companies to reimburse you if your bike is damaged or stolen.

Insuring your bike

Having insurance provides peace of mind to those starting their cycling adventure. If you’ve never heard of insurance for bikers, now’s the time to learn about it. Companies like Velosurance offer plans that cover damage, loss, and theft, and they do not depreciate your bike, either. Therefore, any replacement that you need can be of similar value. No matter what happens to your bike, you can get the help you need to get back in the saddle, even medical coverage should you get hurt. If you haven’t thought about insurance, this is a great way to know your new bike is safe. This is stress relief indeed.

Cycling provides stress relief with improved sleep

Why does improved sleep matter? Sleep is brain food. Without enough sleep, everything in your life suffers. There’s a lot of research that shows the negative impact of sleep deprivation, so insomnia is a threat to your health. Lack of sleep affects your mood and ability to do your job and that causes stress. Cycling can help you fall asleep and stay asleep because it gets you moving, and outside.

Technically any exercise of moderate intensity can help you sleep better. Cycling can be gentle exercise that gives you the joy of being outside without pushing your body to extremes. You don’t have to gasp for air or sweat profusely during your cycling session. Cycling brings more oxygen and better circulation that are both sleep aids.

Cycling is a mood enhancer

The love of cycling can be felt from the moment you sit in the saddle. For many people, that affinity with the activity could not have come soon enough. In light of the pandemic, one enthusiast stated that cycling kept her from going crazy, with many more planning to keep riding post-covid too. It has been a retreat of sorts for some people and given them a physical and mental escape from dire circumstances.

The route you choose to cycle on can make a big difference too. Explore sprawling cityscapes or wind your way along a beachfront. The scenery can provide plenty of stimulation in any year to escape from distress and tedium. 

Cycling provides instant gratification

Of course, with so many people taking up cycling over the pandemic period, it can also be inferred that it is a widely accessible activity. Even those who have are not cycled in years can quickly become reacquainted.Most people know how to ride a bike. Any adults who are not familiar can learn quickly, sometimes even in one 30 minute session. After that, you do not necessarily need to be bogged down by different exercise techniques and accessories. You can start pedaling and enjoy yourself.

Cycling helps you set long-term goals

Cycling can be just the start of your exercise adventure. Even the most gentle cycling builds strength and stamina. As your fitness builds, you may crave new challenges. For cyclists, this can involve mountain biking in exciting regions either locally or all around the world. You may also want to add your mileage, cruising past the boundaries of your neighborhood and exploring bike trails nearby.

Having long-term goals in mind is also great for stress relief. You will have other things to focus on and enjoy a real sense of achievement when you surpass your own wildest expectations. Cycling can be a springboard into a whole new lifestyle for you.