7 Steps To Personalize Your Wedding

personalize your wedding

When you personalize your wedding with these 7 steps, you can create an unforgettable experience of joy for everyone. Weddings are linked to so many traditions that sometimes they feel bland and uninspiring. Most
couples are unique and these days there is no reason to take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to your
nuptials. If you want to personalize your wedding, here are some helpful tips to help you fill your big
day with the celebration of the two of you.

Write Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows means that you can personalize them as much as you want. There are likely to
be special words or phrases that are unique to the two of you and trotting out the same century worn
ones can seem far too bland if you want to make your wedding a deeply personal experience.

Personalize Your Guest List

Many families are estranged, and people don’t see each other from one wedding or funeral to the
next. However, you may still feel obliged to invite people you barely know to keep up appearances or
please other people. Personalizing your wedding means that you only have to invite those who are dear to you and not the
second cousin twice removed that you haven’t seen since you were twelve. After all, you may have to
leave someone you care about off the guest list to accommodate them. Nothing is less personal than
having a wedding and not recognizing some of your guests, so leave distant relatives at a distance;
they would probably thank you for taking the pressure off them anyway.
If you think this is going to cause too many quarrels within the family, read Greenvelope’s article for
some great eloping ideas. They can also design personalized invitations for those you do want to invite.

Use Meaningful Details

Sometimes it is the details that speak volumes. For example, how about recreating the first meal you
ate together and serve it as your wedding breakfast? Select some songs to be played while you are
signing the register that have special meaning to you both or have your first dance as a married couple
to the song that was being played when you first met. There are some absolutely fantastic ways to use
meaningful details to create your dream wedding.

Create a Photo Wall

A photo wall is a fantastic way of personalizing your wedding and, best of all, you can get all your
guests to join in too. Use photos of yourself and your partner that go back to the time you first met
but also do the same for pictures of your guests too. It will keep you all entertained looking at the
ropey pictures of you all on the first day of high school or trying to play it cool as teenagers. You can
even include baby photos of your families and get your guests to try to guess who they are.

Create a Signature Drink

Rather than pouring champagne at the reception, why not create a signature drink and serve that
instead? It could be something that is personal to you such as the first cocktail you enjoyed together
or a local tipple you discovered on your first holiday together. Alternatively, you could create a new
memory and de-stress in the run-up to the wedding by going on a date to a local cocktail-making class.
Then you can create your drink together and you have a recipe to enjoy for special occasions, such as
wedding anniversaries thereafter. If you’re in recovery non alcoholic drinks are the thing.

Organize Some Unique Entertainment

You don’t have to stick to a traditional band or DJ at your wedding reception. You can make this
personal too. If you had your first date at a jazz club, then why not book a jazz band to play at your
wedding? Perhaps you both love live comedy and you have enjoyed some great dates at a local
comedy club. Book a stand-up for part of your wedding reception so that you can enjoy the experience
you love on the happiest day of your life.

Ditch Tradition

Weddings are often quite traditional but that doesn’t mean you have to adhere to them. There are no
hard and fast rules that are unbreakable and if you aren’t a traditional style couple, then breaking with
tradition may be the perfect way to celebrate your union. Don’t let anyone tell you what you have to
do or not do. This is your special day, and you should be free to celebrate it however you want to.
After all, if everyone was the same, life would soon get boring.
Follow these seven tips to create a wedding experience that is completely personal to you.
Alternatively, ditch these ideas too and create a memorable day that is just for you and your partner.
Whatever you want to do is the right choice, so enjoy planning your big day.

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