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What Happens in Couples Therapy & What Problems Can it Solve

Have you every considered couples therapy? Are you having problems in your relationship and are wondering what to expect in couples therapy, or couples counseling? Here’s how it works. Generally, your counselor gets to know you and your partner to determine how best to address the issues you need to resolve. This means getting ready to show up and get honest. Are you ready for that?

Booking an appointment with a couples counselor may start the journey to answering your questions about how and why you fight. Whether it’s issues related to communication, finance, intimacy, or infidelity, talking to a counselor is often the best way to stop fighting and start finding solutions. 

Couples Therapy Cools The Environment So Both Sides Feel Heard

Many things happen in couple’s counseling that can help a relationship overcome the issues that cause conflict. Of course, both partners have to be honest in order for the counseling to work. if you seek experienced counselors, you’ll find you’re not alone getting help and getting better. Thousands of couples have experienced the same conflicts you’re having right now. They have used the expertise of counselors who have experience dealing with a wide range of relationship issues over the years. One place to explore for expert help is couples therapist San Francisco. You can also check out resources near you.

Couples Counseling

What Happens In Couples Counseling

1. You’ll Be Meeting The Therapist as a Couple

You’ll need to meet the therapist as a couple. If your partner appears unwilling, you can get them to be part of the sessions in different ways. Start by initiating the discussion at the best times you believe they will likely respond favorably. And ensure to build an emotional connection while trying to get them for the session.

Most of the sessions you’ll have will be done together — you may only have one or two individual sessions to provide some background information about the crisis.

2. You’ll Be Asked Questions About Your Relationship History 

Expect to discuss the history of your relationship crisis. It will be difficult for the counselor to proffer solutions to your marriage situation by isolating the initial fights. The therapist will need to know the background circumstances fueling the distress in your home. They will also want to discuss issues relating to intimacy, communication, parenting, and other ongoing conflicts.

If you are open enough, you’ll make the work easier for your therapist to understand the situation and offer help.

3. You’ll Discuss What You Expect from The Therapy

You’ll need to set goals of what you expect from the counseling session. Knowing precisely what you want will be great for your counseling, but if not, your therapist will help you set your goals.

Seeking marriage counseling can help you and your partner improve your relationships and help you see that your problems can be solved and overcome. There is no shame in whatever you are facing because several other couples across the globe have experienced similar situations. 

Here Are Problems Couples Therapy Can Resolve

Communication Problems

Do you have trouble talking to each other without screaming? Poor communication is one of the primary reasons for the crisis in relationships. Some of the signs of poor communication are having the same arguments over and over, blaming each other, bickering, and avoiding each other.

However, things may look good on the outside, but your partner is unable to find suitable words to communicate how they feel. It may not be easy to keep a conversation going when you think you might be misunderstood. Couples counseling can be the best way to resolve communication issues in your marriage.

Infidelity and Trust Issues

Infidelity can destroy any relationship. Sometimes trust is lost irrevocably, and sometimes trust can be regained over time. But whether you or your partner was caught in the web of infidelity, there are expert measures to fix the relationship and regain trust after cheating.

First, the affair must be acknowledged. The person guilty of cheating must ditch every extramarital affair and create room for comfortable, sincere communication with their partners. Not everyone can do this.

Depending on individuals, the healing process can take a long gradual process of rebuilding trust. However, having an appointment with an infidelity counselor can help a spouse to heal faster.

Emotional Distance Can Resolved With Couples Therapy

Emotional needs are met in a relationship when you offer the feeling of love, comfort, understanding, and security. Hence, a partner might feel emotionally distanced when there is less intimacy and feel alone. Couple therapy techniques such as Emotionally Focused Therapy can be offered by a counselor to help you identify how to meet your partner’s emotional needs.

Get Started With Couples Therapy Counseling

Couples therapy can help restore a marriage or partnership in so many ways. First, you’ll need to meet your counselor as a couple; hence, you must consider ways to convince your spouse to attend. 

A counseling session will require information about the history of your marriage and your expectations of the therapy. Couple counseling will help you handle communication and emotional breakdown and also address a problem of infidelity, among others.

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