Love Quotes: Others Can Love You

Love quotes others can take the place of mothers

Loving grandparents, friends, spouses, and your support system all can take the place of moms who aren’t with you Others can take the place of mothers, especially in this day and age. This quote about mothers is what we used to believe in the days when families were all believed to be good, whether they […]

Gratitude Quotes: Every Day Has Something Good

practice gratitude

It’s important to feel good every day so having useful mental health tips that work matters! I find the toughest part of life is maintaining that daily feel good, know what I mean? Some days I wake up and feel great, others not so much. So what’s the answer? But, let’s back up before we […]

Quotes: A Loving Mother Is The Greatest Gift

quotes A loving mother is the greatest gift

A loving mother is the one thing in life we all want If you have a loving mother, give her a call or send her a card. She’s missing you unless you happen to be in the same house. Many of us don’t have our mothers with us anymore, so we can’t show our appreciation. […]

Quotes: To Moms Who Inspire Us

Mother's Day Quotes

Moms who inspire us are not perfect in every but they all offer special gifts that we can appreciate Moms who inspire us may not have the talent for every aspect of mothering. My mom, for example, forgot to instruct me in many important ways, like valuing myself. So my self-esteem is not what it […]

Positive Quotes: Go Into The Morning Sun

Positive quotes

The morning sun can boost your immune system The morning sun can also snap you out of fear and anxiety? So step outside into the sunshine. If it’s cloudy, step outside anyway. The outdoor light even on a cloudy day is much stronger and more therapeutic than indoor light. Sunlight is one cure for disturbed sleep […]

Hope Quotes: Every Story

Hope quotes Every story has good and bad

If you stick around recovery groups for a while, you’ll eventually hear someone talk about growing up in recovery. That’s my story. When this all began, I simply needed to get sober and stay sober. What I didn’t realize was that I came into recovery with very few skills that would be helpful for a […]