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Every Story Has Good And Bad

If you stick around recovery groups for a while, you’ll eventually hear someone talk about growing up in recovery. That’s my story. When this all began, I simply needed to get sober and stay sober. What I didn’t realize was that I came into recovery with very few skills that would be helpful for a responsible, adult life. That’s not to say I didn’t have lots of other finely tuned skills, but things like professional accountability, financial responsibility, and emotional stability? Not so much. I was severely lacking the tools for living that could help me navigate the ups-and-downs of life. I might have had 30 years in age when I got sober but I definitely didn’t act like a grown-up.

I had no clue I wouldn’t just be getting sober, I’d be growing up in recovery

My early sobriety was often riddled with setbacks having to do with any of the following: Arguments with friends or family could push me right off the beam. I didn’t really understand how my behavior affected others and I definitely let the behaviors of others dictate my happiness, and how I felt about myself.

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Lindsey Glass

Lindsey Glass is the co-founder of Reach Out Recovery. Her 2016 ASAM Media Award winning documentary, The Secret World Of Recovery, has helped to lift the stigma from addiction and recovery and is used in recovery programs nationwide to show what life is like on the other side of addiction. Lindsey's teen prevention documentary, The Silent Majority, was distributed to PBS stations nationwide by American Public Television in 2014-15. Lindsey has written dozens of popular articles on recovery. She is a recovery advocate and frequent keynote speaker. Lindsey is the author of 100 Tips for Growing Up, My 20 Years of Recovery, 2019. Before focusing on recovery, Lindsey was a TV and screenwriter. She has worked in publishing, web development, and marketing.

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