Hope Quotes: Every Story

Hope quotes Every story has good and bad
Hope quotes every story has broken pieces
Every Story Has Good And Bad

If you stick around recovery groups for a while, you’ll eventually hear someone talk about growing up in recovery. That’s my story. When this all began, I simply needed to get sober and stay sober. What I didn’t realize was that I came into recovery with very few skills that would be helpful for a responsible, adult life. That’s not to say I didn’t have lots of other finely tuned skills, but things like professional accountability, financial responsibility, and emotional stability? Not so much. I was severely lacking the tools for living that could help me navigate the ups-and-downs of life. I might have had 30 years in age when I got sober but I definitely didn’t act like a grown-up.

I had no clue I wouldn’t just be getting sober, I’d be growing up in recovery

My early sobriety was often riddled with setbacks having to do with any of the following: Arguments with friends or family could push me right off the beam. I didn’t really understand how my behavior affected others and I definitely let the behaviors of others dictate my happiness, and how I felt about myself.

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