Grief Quotes: Walks Beside You

Quote of the Day Grief

Unresolved grief can linger and cause problems It’s important to figure out if you’re living with unresolved grief. And, if so, it’s critical to find out how to deal with it in healthy ways so it doesn’t interfere with your life or happiness. Unresolved grief is more common than we think. And now with the […]

Gratitude Quotes: We’re Grateful Thorns Have Roses

gratitude quote gratfule for roses

There are so many things to be grateful for Perspective can change everything. That’s what all the therapists say. As long as you are living, your life can improve. You can see the bad or you can turn toward the good and positive. Find something to love today.

Quotes: Sleep Hygiene To Fight the Virus

Quotes sleep hygiene

You may not think sleep hygiene is a thing. It’s high time you did. You may not have considered sleep hygiene the way you think of other habits and rituals that keep you healthy, but sleep is one of the pillars of health. The benefits of getting enough rest are well known. You have better mental and […]

Gratitude Quotes: Count Your Rainbows

Gratitude quotes Count your rainbows

Count your rainbows may seem like an impossible request with so many thunderstorms all around us. It should comfort us all that the Covid 19 virus is not the first plague humans have endured, and it won’t be the last. We will recover. Here are some tips for feeling the rainbows even when you can’t […]