Enabling Quotes: Stop Enabling Poor Choices

Enabling quotes stop enabling

How can you stop enabling? This is such a tricky question because the line between helping and supporting and enabling is not always black and white. Rescuing is critically important when you’re dealing with young children. But adults, whether friends, loved ones, or relatives, who keep making poor choices and hurting themselves need life lessons […]

Motivational Quotes: Thriving In Survival Mode

positive quotes will I ever be happy again

Thriving in survival mode has become a new art form You may save thriving in survival mode is impossible. But there are positive changes to the way people are rallying and helping and appreciating each other. We have a new understanding of essential workers who keep this nation going. People hungry and struggling hurts us […]

Gratitude Quotes: Heal Your Heart

gratitude quotes practice gratitude

Practice gratitude no matter how much you’re hurting Have you noticed that almost every prayer begins with thanks? Even in the worst of times, humans have always been grateful. This past year has brought so much tragedy to so many millions of lives all over the planet, and yet you can see the rebirth of […]

Narcissist Quotes: Hurt Feelings Can Control You

Narcissist quotes Constantly hurt feelings

Hurt feelings in a loved one can make you feel so bad. Is it your fault when someone takes everything you say the wrong way? Excessive sensitivity is way up there in the relationship manipulation department. Here’s why. One of the most painful forms of relationship stress feeling that you are walking on eggshells with […]

Quotes: Calming Aromas For Covid 19 Worries

Recovery Quote Calming aromas

What calming aromas for Covid 19 isolation are soothing you? Calming aromas remind you of one indisputable truth. The only constant is change. Things will improve, they always do. It is a law of nature. Please keep that in the front of your mind as your mantra in the time of Covid 19 terror. When […]

Gratitude Quotes: Unlock The Fullness Of Life

gratitude unlocks the fullness of life

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life by literally changing brain function. It’s true. Attitude can make you happy or unhappy, satisfied or unsatisfied, and can even help your immune system fight off disease. That isn’t to say that if you are prayerful all day long you will not get sick. It doesn’t work that way. […]