Motivational Quotes: Thriving In Survival Mode

positive quotes will I ever be happy again

Thriving in survival mode has become a new art form

You may save thriving in survival mode is impossible. But there are positive changes to the way people are rallying and helping and appreciating each other. We have a new understanding of essential workers who keep this nation going. People hungry and struggling hurts us all. The jobs and economy we relied on has faltered. Our healthcare system has taken a hit. We’re all grieving almost every second of every day, but are there some positive changes? Will we be different when this is over?

Creativity is king

We’re seeing creativity and new forms of friendship return in surprising ways. So many people are rallying to help and support each other, it’s inspiring. Friendship now has a new meaning.

Yesterday, ROR team members joined Strides In Recovery team members and Phoenix House team members on our first Wednesday virtual walking group. We were in California and Florida, walking together with marathon trainer, Leslie Gold. I am no runner and would never have joined a marathon training group. Luckily, with this group, I could walk at my own pace while enjoying the views of other walkers far away. It was glorious.
You can join us when we walk next Wednesday

On our virtual walk, we shared what we saw. I saw a golf course and cows in practically the same view. Lindsey showed us the ocean. Others were walking in their kitchen or in their neighborhoods. My point. We would never have met each other if we hadn’t been in survival mode. Our lives have been changed forever by Covid 19, but creativity has brought new possibilities for closeness and support we hadn’t considered before.


Zoom birthday parties have brought our families together. We’re thinking out of the box on how to enjoy and love our lives in new ways.

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